Online Poker Or Online Slots - What Is More Popular On Asia


When it comes to online gambling, Asians constitute the largest percentage of players globally, considering it is the biggest continent. What is more surprising is the rising trend of gambling in countries where betting in land-based casinos is banned. However, with rapid digitalization and an increase in the use of mobile devices, the industry is flourishing and growing at a consistent pace.

Asians love to gamble, and if we take a closer look at the statistics, some gambling games appear as clear favorites. Some of the most popular games include slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, etc. While slots and poker are strong contenders as the most popular games worldwide, Asians love to play slots more than any other game.

Here are a few reasons why online slots are more popular than online poker.

Slots offer a level playing field

If you are skilled at poker, you have a clear advantage over other players. However, in slots, the output is completely based on chance, and no amount of skill or experience can turn things your way. So, slots offer equal winning opportunities to all players regardless of their experience or playing frequency.

Slots are easier than poker

Poker is a highly strategic game, and you need considerable skill and experience to wager successfully. You also need to practice the game to understand the format and rules. On the other hand, slots are fairly easy to play, and you do not need any prior experience to play.

Slots are more exciting

Asians strongly believe in luck, and the format of slots is based mostly on chance or luck. Slots offer a random output that is based on the numbers generated by the RNG (random number generator. Therefore, the excitement and thrill of the unknown make slots more exciting than any strategy-based game, including poker.

Slots are quick

Unlike poker, you do not have to sit and wait at the table for other players to make their move in slots. You can simply log into a site, choose a game, and begin playing. You can easily play slots on the game or when you have some free time on your hands.

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